22 Dec 2021
Bears Football Club Kids

Burnside Heights Football Club Recruitment Video

We had a great time making this awesome recruitment video for the Burnside Heights Football Club. Our work included full circle video production from the concept through to the final edit. The kids were lots of fun to work with breaking the back on the rule ‘never work with kids’ and the mascot was also great which breaks the back on the other rule ‘or animals!’. In all seriousness, the Burnside Heights Football Club crew were truly an awesome bunch of people to work with and we hear they absolutely love the end result. We hope that means more kids for the club in 2022 in the orange and blue!

Writer / Director / Producer: Bronny Lane
DOP & Editor: Konrad McCarthy
CREW: Soledad Hassett, Lyndon Johnson
CAST: Burnside Heights Football Club kids, parents and committee members.