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22 Dec 2021
Sydney International Women's Film Festival

That’s a Wrap for 2021

What an awesome last night of filming for I Wanna Be Famous at Love Machine in Prahran. Our cast and crew have been so patient in bringing this story to life, going in and out of lockdowns and we couldn’t be prouder. The final result is looking so great and we are truly hoping that […]

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22 Dec 2021
Bears Football Club Kids

Burnside Heights Football Club Recruitment Video

We had a great time making this awesome recruitment video for the Burnside Heights Football Club. Our work included full circle video production from the concept through to the final edit. The kids were lots of fun to work with breaking the back on the rule ‘never work with kids’ and the mascot was also […]

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28 Oct 2021
A lady holds a cat

Front Page of The Ballarat Courier

It’s always a good day when we get PR in the agency, even better when it’s for a family member! Through a twist of fate and reaching out to see if The Ballarat Courier could help find Founder and Director Bronny’s mother’s counselling practice therapy cat, a good news story was found! After Buddy the […]

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20 Oct 2021
Melbourne Underground Film Festival Award

Winners at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival!

Making films is hard and it’s even harder to make them and promote them through a pandemic – but, somehow we managed! It’s so worth it when you end up a winner at a film festival. We love film festivals because they provide the opportunity to share your work with an audience. Our film “Bad […]

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15 Jul 2021
KGB AKA Karen Bleakley

Welcome Karen Bleakly AKA KGB

We are so excited to be working with the novelist Karen Bleakly AKA KGB. Karen has penned her first novel “Behind Closed Doors – The Society” and it has taken Australia by storm. Coined Australia’s answer to “Fifty Shades of Grey” this is an erotic fiction novel that will get your heart racing! Karen has […]

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08 Jul 2021
Bad Dad

Bad Dad – Now Streaming at Flick Fair

Our short film “Bad Dad” is currently streaming as part of the Flick Fair Film Festival! We would love to share this film with the world. All you have to do is jump on this link and you’ll be able to spend 8 minutes with “Bad Dad” in his world. This is a short dark […]

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25 Jun 2021
I Wanna Be Famous

Fun on Set for “I Wanna Be Famous”

We had all but finished filming “I Wanna Be Famous” and then Melbourne went back into its 4th lockdown! Fortunately, this was what they call a circuit breaker which means it’s now over. That said, we still need to shoot those very last scenes! While we are arranging all of that, we have had a […]

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