03 Sep 2021
Girl on an MX5 treadmill

Filming the Powertrain MX5 Electric Treadmill for Klika Shop

Don’t ever let anyone tell you filming is an easy job, it’s not, but the end results are awesome! This is the finished product after a long 12 hour day on set for Klika Shop and Powertrain MX3 electric treadmill. Our model Ashton did an awesome job at running on and off all day while our Videography Darcy really got some great footage. We used a huge rig to get those awesome smooth shots. Our team is responsible for the set design, videography, producing, talent, grip and direction. No sound needed on this gig which made it 10% easier. Highly recommend this beautiful location to others looking to film in Melbourne. Our daily filming packages start from $3,000 (exc. GST) for a full day shoot and includes sourcing talent, cinematography, lighting, set design, producing, directing and set management. Email bronwen@littletrain.com.au for a chat about your project today!