01 Jun 2022
Dr Preeya Alexander AKA The Wholesome Doctor

Kickstarting Media Careers

We absolutely loved our time working with Dr Preeya Alexander AKA The Wholesome Doctor. Preeya approached us with a simple request, she wanted to see more women like herself in the media. We worked closely with Preeya across the year and secured for her a weekly guest spot on radio, multiple tv spots where Preeya shared her expertise as a GP and advocate for preventative medicine. In addition we were able to secure published opinion pieces for Preeya and add her voice to the important conversation around vaccination. Fast forward and Preeya’s voice became a much needed one for the pandemic landscape. Little Train built the foundations for a successful career in the media, creating opportunities across television, radio, editorial and also building relationships that enabled Preeya to truly shine a light on her special voice. We wish Preeya all the best on her journey and absolutely love it every time we see her on the TV remembering we were an important part of her journey. Congratulations Preeya! You can follow Preeya here and here is one of Preeya’s first TV moments – what a pleasure to have made that happen.