03 Sep 2019
Publicity Snapshot

Publicity Publicity Publicity

Publicity, it’s not as expensive as you think and does a lot more than get you in the media. We have worked with people to activate their profile, this means building on their story and profile and getting them known as an expert in their field. We have also done clean up PR. Maybe you’ve been on the tail end of some negative press and it doesn’t reflect who you are at all. This is where a Publicist can step in and help manage your profile back into a warm place. Publicity can be about introducing you to the right people, getting you on the red carpet. It can be about connecting you to products or brands. It’s more than talking to producers and journalists. It’s more about creating a profile for your brand through a variety of publicity techniques. It can also be more affordable than you think, drop us a line if you think you might need some publicity for your brand.