25 Jun 2021
Andy Reid

Welcoming Andy Reid

Excited to announce we are now working with the brilliant Andy Reid. Andy is a professional business coach and works to inspire action in his clients. He has spent 21 years in service industries, working from the ground up to running businesses with 8-figure annual turnovers. He has worked in the Real Estate industry for the past 10 years and wants everyone to know that to genuinely Inspire Action (IA) in customers, there are 2 important elements:

  1. Connect with them as human beings.
    (EQ – Emotional Intelligence)
  2. Prove credibility beyond doubt.
    (IQ – Intellectual Intelligence)
    IA = EQ + IQ
    For media enquiries contact bronwen@littletrain.com.au.
    More info about Andy at www.andyreid.com.au

Andy is an award winning Auctioneer and we are looking forward to shining a light on his talent and expertise.